Our Identity

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“Company culture is immensely important to Capitol City Electric. We have a passion for the use of technology, thorough communication, and using our collective knowledge to facilitate an extremely organized project. We take pride in having the right people for each and every job, and we strive to cultivate a culture of comradery and teamwork. “

– Adam Randall | CEO


“The responsibility of being Safe belongs to everyone at CCE.  Having a “Safety Mindset” is something we strive to challenge our Teams with having and to incorporate in every task.  Science has shown that having the right mindset is the greatest predictor of success in life.  So if we can collectively not only change our thoughts on Safety, but also change our actions as well, then we can fully accomplish our goal in having a Team that consistently operates with a Safety Mindset.”

– Ty Peterson | Vice President of Personnel and Continuous Improvement

ty peterson capitol city electric
leslie bargen capitol city electric


“Capitol City Electric does a great job of encouraging creativity and teamwork. In my time here, I have been given the opportunity to learn from the best, been invited to develop new processes, and been involved in several new projects. There’s a vast amount of knowledge in this company, and we are urged by upper management to share that knowledge. Our active involvement helps the company become more efficient and effective.”

– Leslie Bargen | Account Manager

Mission Statement

Capitol City Electric prioritizes delivering high-quality electrical service without compromising high moral standards. We implement innovative construction methods and cost-effective solutions. This increases efficiency while maintaining the highest levels of safety. We are responsible to our customers to perform all work with an uncompromised level of quality and efficiency. CCE stands by our unmatched performance. Our commitment to excellence is only achieved through establishing strong and trusted relationships.