Capitol City Electric has been diligently working on the Monolith site in Lincoln, Nebraska since 2021. Monolith is a corporation that provides clean hydrogen energy with cost-effective processes. On this project, the CCE team provides efficient energy to the entire Monolith Complex as it continues to grow and develop. CCE was invited to this project by Phil Joyner, the Monolith plant manager, whom project manager Jeff Stinnette has kept outstanding professional rapport. 

Our Role

The Cap City Crew has worked around the clock to achieve the maximum efficiency and potential of power for the Monolith complex. The team works through the night to help the central power plant continue running smoothly. In addition to the main plant, the team has taken care of the heat tracing systems for the complex. CCE designs, creates, and implements the network of systems. With a new warehouse in the works, CCE has been working closely with the Monolith Corporation to deliver quality electrical panels.

From the Project Manager

As our project manager Jeff Stinnette puts it, it’s all about communicating with our partners to deliver exactly what they want, especially in an emerging industry. Stinnette professes that the team has demonstrated incredible adaptability in this relatively new field of clean hydrogen energy. With a constantly changing systems and need for more and more powered systems, the Cap City team faces this adversity with a positive attitude and easily adapts to uncharted terrain.

Project Manager | Jeff Stinnette
General Foreman | Dan Kosinski

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