General Laborer

Job Description


The primary roles of a General Laborer are all geared toward maintaining a clean, safe, and efficient jobsite while also supporting the overall project.

· Generates high quality work in alliance with the vision and mission of Capitol City Electric

· Clean up worksites from hazardous or obsolete material

· Assist operators and Foremen or other tradespeople on-site

· Loading and unloading materials and equipment

· Use power tools and machinery when needed

· Follow instructions from supervisors to perform manual labor tasks

· Put up warning signs or cones for vehicles and passersby when necessary

· Help with setting up and transferring temporary structures

· Report issues with equipment or unsafe conditions to assigned Foreman or Operator

· $1,500 Hiring bonus after 6 months

  • A valid driver’s license
  • Drug and fitness test
  • Background check


Lincoln, Nebraska Area

Lead Contact

Jackson Speer

Call: (402) 420-7435