Project Manager

Job Description


The Project Manager’s (PM) role is one of the most important roles on a project. The PM is in charge of managing the Project Team to complete the project work and deliver the final product, service, or result for the business. A PM has to complete the work given the many constraints of a project, such as time, costs, scope, and quality. The PM focuses on removing obstacles from the Team and giving the Team what is needed in order to complete the work.


· Utilize GC’s project schedule to define and sequence CCE activities to ensure work gets done in the right order and at the right time.

· Evaluate required manpower resources based on CCE estimated hours and durations provided in the GC’s schedule, input information into Microsoft Project to develop CCE schedule

· Control schedule utilizing Microsoft Project to analyze deficiencies in actual start and duration related issues, ensure effective GC stakeholder communication for corrective actions

· Collaborate with General Superintendent and Foreman to develop a 3WLA schedule with clear goals and expectations set and managed


· Strategic material management and control throughout the project based on the CCE 3WLA schedule, discuss weekly in L10

· Manage quality control through effective communication with the project team and recurrent monitoring of onsite execution for overall process improvement

· Manage project team efficiencies based on completed work durations and cost to date, make timely changes in course as needed to ensure project success.

· Monitor and compare actual work to the planned work to ensure the project stays within scope, on schedule, and within budget

· Provide concise and clear communication to the team to ensure scope is understood and all contract document requirements are satisfied

· Assist in the development of a site staging plan ensuring smooth mobilization of office trailers, storage trailers, tools, and materials. Control and monitor staging plan to confirm the strategic organization of tools and material are maintained throughout project(s) lifecycle

· Aid in identifying the project team by creating a jobsite reporting structure that ensures continual development of CCE staff and the overall success of the project.

· Proactively identify informational gaps and required coordination/verification based on contract document details and keynotes. Draft RFIs to obtain the deficient information, track status and update contract documents with responses.


· Organize information related to change requests, identify and document scope revisions to convey to estimation. Manage and track progress, process change requests internally based on either approval or denial.

· Accurate invoicing based on current monthly cost to the project and forecasting through the end of the month. Monitor the budget, resources, and project progress to make changes in course when needed.

· Develop cost management plan and control cost throughout the duration of the project, consistently verify that the work that is getting completed stays within budget and is being applied to the appropriate cost code(s).

· Identify risks associated with the project that can affect project schedule and/or budget, create a response plan and monitor the project throughout for unforeseen risks.


· Temporary and permanent power permitting closeout with final inspections

· Manage punchlist completion and communicate with stakeholders throughout the process

· Manage and update contract documents throughout the duration of the project with all approved change requests and as-built information to ensure a smooth closeout process.

· Capture and document lessons learned

· Create a final report on project financials, analyze cost code overages by breaking down materials used to complete the scope of work


· Execute the necessary interpersonal and Team skills to manage conflict and resolve any issues that arise in order to move the project forward

· Help drive safety on all projects within the L10 meetings and when on site.

· Ensure meetings are productive and meaningful to the project, and detailed meeting minutes are distributed to necessary personnel

· Assist in the development and implementation of CCE’s Asst. PM Training/Mentoring Program

  • A valid driver’s license
  • Drug and fitness test
  • Background check


Lincoln, Nebraska Area

Lead Contact

Jackson Speer

Call: (402) 420-7435