Capitol City Electric partnered up with B-D Construction to complete this 95,000 square foot expansion.




In 2019, Capitol City Electric began work on BD Medical in Columbus, Nebraska. Project Manager Austin Pohlmann explains: “This is a 95,000 square foot expansion of the existing medical manufacturing facility with a lot of interesting rooms and artifacts.” With general contractor B-D Construction, Inc. and CCE Foreman Greg Roh, work began. Pre-construction consisted of multiple design meetings, some up to 8 hours long, to properly coordinate the layout. Additionally, BIM Manager/CTO Brett Grell and BIM Technician Nathan Smock were heavily involved with front end coordination and pre-construction.


Using BIM, a 3D modeling and mapping software, Nathan and Brett began their work, helping coordinate the routing of secondary feeders from the service transformers to the switchgear. Brett elaborated on this by stating “The use of Revit and Navisworks has enabled Capitol City Electric to proactively coordinate project changes and quickly deliver them to the field staff. This also provides the general contractor and owner a visual plan of the coordinated routes and locations.” To keep the project as organized as possible, CCE installed 4,000 feet of 12” and 36” wide aluminum ladder tray to start, according to PM Austin Pohlmann. The newly installed cable tray is used to feed sub-panels along with other process equipment. This is due to the sheer amount of power and auxiliaries required for a lot of the equipment. Some additional details Austin shared are as follows: 14,000 lbs of aluminum wire were pulled from the switchgear to the sub-panels alone in the first major wire pull.

Project Details

CCE installed 200,000 ft. of CAT 6 cable used for network purposes. Furthermore, the project required 20 transformers ranging from 45 kVA to 500 kVA that weighed anywhere from 710 lbs. to 4,343 lbs. each. In total, there were two 3,000 A switchboards for separate services and 30 panel boards altogether. The target end date for BD Medical CoE Phase 1b was summer of 2020. 

Project Manager | Austin Pohlmann
General Foreman | Greg Roh

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