York Water Reclamation Facility

The Project consists of construction of a new Water Reclamation Facility including:

  • Headworks Building
  • Aeration Basin
  • Secondary Treatment Building
  • Secondary Clarifiers
  • Disinfection Contact Basin
  • Biosolids Holding Tank
  • Reed Beds
  • Operations Building

Work at the existing wastewater treatment facility includes:

  • Modifications to the existing wastewater treatment plant Pump Station
  • Demolition of the existing wastewater treatment plant except Pump Station

Additional Work includes:

  • Conveyance piping from the existing wastewater treatment facility to the new Water Reclamation Facility

Capitol City’s Scope of work includes power and lighting distribution, instrumentation installation and wiring, a new diesel generator, communications, lightning protection, and mass notification.


York, Nebraska


City of York, Nebraska

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